Fintech of the Year 2019

The most effective way of distributing social assistance

Mobilly TX is an advanced solution that helps state and municipal institutions to provide indirect social benefits to citizens. The transparent and automated system is completely protected from any kind of fraud or loss of funds, quickly prevents data leakage and ensures the anonymity of the recipient.

Fintech of the Year 2019


Subsidies are provided in real-time, at the same moment as the recipient receives the relevant service. Using commonly accepted payment methods, Mobilly TX operates quickly, eliminating the administrative burden of a manual process and the human error factor.

Example of a partially subsidized service:

  • 1A student, who is entitled to a 50% discount on a meal, is having lunch at the school canteen.
  • 2Payment is made with a bank card already registered at Mobilly TX.
  • 3The 50% subsidy is transferred to the student’s bank card.
  • 4The other half of the meal cost is covered by the student himself.
  • 5The caterer immediately receives a full payment for one serving of lunch.

Example of a fully subsidized service:

  • 1A retired person, who is entitled to a 100% discount, uses public transport.
  • 2Payment is made with a bank card already registered at Mobilly TX.
  • 3The 100% subsidy is transferred to the retired person’s bank card.
  • 4The carrier immediately receives the full cost of the ticket.








More benefits for residents

  • Taxpayer funds are spent more effectively because the money saved on administrative costs can be redirected to pay for new or additional services.
  • The quality of subsidized services improves.
  • Parental control over child spending increases.

Transparency at all levels

  • Subsidies are used by those who really need them, and only to the extent that they are required.
  • Funds are transferred directly to public service and citizens benefit from on-the-spot reductions, eliminating the need for any exchange of cash.
  • Funds no longer vanish from the budgets of either state or local governments, thereby preventing the risk of their misuse.
  • Automatic accounting of funds in real-time enables instant follow-up for every cent spent.

Innovative and sustainable

  • Reduces administrative burden, eliminates processing receipts, and saves money.
  • Environmentally friendly because it’s a paper-free process.
  • Makes daily life simpler for the recipients of services.
  • Managing the distribution of indirect social benefits becomes easier for the institutions.
  • Sensitive information the identity of a social service recipient is never disclosed to any third parties.


In 2013, the Municipality of Jelgava implemented Mobilly TX and realized savings greater than the cost of the solution itself.

  • Subsidized public transport trips doubled.
  • The administrative and shrinkage cost of school meal subsidies has decreased by 20%.
  • The money saved at each school has been enough to provide free lunches for fifty additional children.
  • Public caterers have lost no revenue and and food quality has improved.

The Mobilly TX platform is an irreplaceable aid in distributing social benefits. We now serve 35% more citizens than before.

Andris Rāviņš, Mayor of Jelgava.

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